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Picking the Right Personal Injury Attorney for Your Accident Claim

Filing a personal injury claim on your own can be intimidating if you do not have a familiarity with liability laws in California. Teaming up with a personal injury lawyer is a great way to take the guesswork out of the process and dramatically improve your chances of securing a fair and maximized compensation paid by the liable party or insurance company. However, an inexperienced, impersonal, or otherwise inefficient personal injury attorney could do more harm than good.

How can you know if your lawyer of choice will be the right legal representative for your claim? In general, there are a few key characteristics or aspects you should look for when hiring an attorney.

Five things to keep in mind when choosing your injury lawyer are:

  1. Focus: While searching for a Sacramento personal injury attorney to work on your injury claim and even represent you in court, if need be, you are going to come across many legal professionals who practice injury law as well as several other practice areas. This might mean that they can be distracted by other cases while working on yours. For your own confidence in your case’s chances, you should try to find a legal team that focuses exclusively on personal injury law in California.
  2. Experience: All of the degrees, dissertations, and publications in the world about personal injury lawsuits cannot compare to real world experience. When choosing your injury attorney, look for a team with plenty of years of practice experience. There will be nothing that can surprise a team that has actually been in the courtroom and conference room on behalf of clients hundreds of times before.
  3. Past clients: In today’s instant-connectivity and social media age, some of the best and most trustworthy reviews for businesses and law firms come straight from past clients. Check out the testimonials of a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to see what previous clients have to say about them.
  4. Resources: Personal injury attorneys that have networked to build their reputations and resources for the benefit of their clients can provide unique and exciting advantages in cases. For example, a lawyer that can call upon the help of an engineer in a car accident case could show that the crash was caused by a defective auto part.
  5. Insight: There are two sides to the courtroom in a personal injury claim. Attorneys that have worked behind both desks, as a plaintiff’s attorney and a defense attorney for insurance companies, will have invaluable insight that can turn otherwise unwinnable cases around.

Reputable Sacramento Personal Injury Attorneys

At The Law Office of Michael R. Loewen, we put our clients’ best interests in center focus and never look away while handling a case. We believe that our accolades, accomplishments, and genuine concern for your wellbeing should make us your number one choice of Sacramento personal injury lawyers. We have 30+ total years of experience, work exclusively on personal injury claims, are highly-praised by past clients, and team up with third-party experts to strengthen client cases. Our lead attorney, Mr. Loewen, has also worked as a defense attorney, giving him unmatched insight into how insurance companies try to protect themselves from liability.

We can discuss your personal injury claim in detail during a free case evaluation. Call 916.229.6776 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today.

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