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Sacramento Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

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Swimming pools, by their very nature, can be hazardous. There is always a danger of drowning and slippery surfaces can easily cause slip and fall injuries to visitors and swimmers alike. Many of these injuries do not provide a circumstance of negligence, but some can be the result of fault by the pool owner or other parties. If you believe that a pool owner's actions led directly to your swimming pool injury, then it may be time to speak with a legal professional.

At The Law Office of Michael R. Loewen, our skilled and driven team of Sacramento swimming pool accident attorneys has more than three decades of legal experience. We know how to parse the nuanced circumstances of a dangerous accident and clearly demonstrate how negligent parties involved directly contributed to the pain and suffering of our clients.

Ensure that the gravity of your accident is clearly asserted in a court of law. Contact our firm to start the process today.

Pool Owner Negligence and "Attractive Nuisance" Law

Pool injuries that are the result of the action or inaction of pool or property owner involve negligence and can be accountable in civil court. Not all pool injuries qualify for civil action, but instances in which an owner failed to provide the safest possible environment for swimmers can make them vulnerable to legal action.

Common examples of pool owner negligence include:

  • Failing to provide proper supervision (life guard services)
  • Failing to ensure safe ladders, slides, and diving boards
  • Failing to properly label dangerous areas, pool depths, or other safety information
  • Failing to provide proper fencing and barriers around the pool

In other states, "attractive nuisance" laws would also make pool owners responsible for injuries suffered by curious children—even if the children were trespassing on the pool grounds. In California, this is not the case, but there still are circumstances in which pool owners, property owners, even equipment and pool manufacturers can be held responsible for your injury.

At The Law Office of Michael R. Loewen our team can help assess the circumstances of your swimming pool accident and determine what your legal options are. Call us now for free consultation.